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“Children aren't colouring books. You don't get to fill them with your favourite colours.”

― Khaled Hosseini

We at Joyful Hours think alike. A child is not a blob of clay that can be moulded by the personal perception of grown-ups. They deserve the space to grow naturally and blossom, like a flower. Every child is endowed with a unique and infinite potential. The inquisitiveness of the little minds is the best teacher for them. Every activity helps them discover something new; they learn through natural process. As teachers our only job is to give a direction to their learning and help them recognize their unique capabilities in an organized, synergic, and self-paced manner.

At Joyful Hours we have introduced the fun-way of learning, where the children are exposed to pure play. Here, we make sure that their daily activity doesn’t get monotonous. We provide them with materials and situations that are sure to grab attention and interest. Our curriculum is thoughtfully conceptualized and designed intending to enhance growth in every sphere:

Visual (spatial): Through images, items, videos, enactment etc.

Aural (auditory-musical): Various forms of sound, music and rhymes are played and enacted.

Verbal (linguistic): Playfully instil the basic disciplinary actions and manners, as well as develop verbal speech and sense of identification.

Physical (kinaesthetic): Explain your body, hands and sense of touch, majorly activity based to develop the sensory and motor skills of a child.

Logical (mathematical): Encouraging them on improving on their logic, and cognitive systems.

Social (interpersonal): Working among peers and interaction is encouraged to develop socialization.

Solitary (intrapersonal): Help a child to complete a work alone to develop self-confidence.

We are here to provide high-quality early learning environment with components like high program standards, knowledgeable and caring staff and a curriculum based on a child’s developmental needs. However, we make sure that the essence of childhood is not compromised for the sake of curriculum. Our curriculum provides a balance of play and structured activities; both of which are child-initiated and teacher-assisted exploration.


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