Multi Activity Centre

Program Eligibility: FOR ALL AGES

In today’s age of multimedia and more specifically TVs, children are losing interest in worthwhile hobbies. At Joyful Hours we ask parents to give us their children’s TV viewing time. In that short span we help the children find their hidden talents. We nurture these talents and turn them into worthwhile activities. That will stay with children for long. Our comprehensive multi-activity programs Offered By trained professionals include:

  • Indo Western Dance
  • Music-Vocal
  • Elocution (Abriti)
  • Spoken English training
  • Holiday Homework Projects/Workshops
  • Extensive Art and handicraft training

For Grown-Ups

Old intricate crafts are moving towards a slow death let us revive these at Joyful Hours.Give new wings to your creative instincts. Learn new crafts and get the joy f creating something invaluable with your own hands. Apart from the basic art and craft classes, we hold various short term courses in the following:

  • Baisc Art and craft
  • Clay modelling
  • Fabric
  • Batik
  • Collage
  • Oil Painting
  • Pottery decoration
  • Cramic painting
  • Photo decoration with Tanjore and Premia stones
  • Glass painting
  • Ornaments making
  • Alpana or Rangoli making
  • Bangleware making
  • Mahendi design course
  • Marriage tray decoration
  • School Project


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