Programme eligibility: 1.8 to 2.5 Years

While your child is still toddling , we help the tiny tot in mastering the skills needed. Based on this, the child paces up his or her cognitive, emotional and social development. Children are guided to develop as self – learners. At Joyful Hours the playgroup programme introduces your little ones to a more structured day, yet not putting childhood at stake.

We help children adjust to the new environment; while their tender hearts are nurtured with utmost affection and care. Children are guided through a series of foundation processes towards development. Our programme includes stimulating activities and peer effort. Situations are generated to instigate their inquisitive instinct, as children travel along the path to discover the new.

Children at this age through all their senses, absorb minute facts from the surrounding. To meet the same, we have designed the curriculum and monthly themes on real-world sensory experiences.

The hours spent here would be a joyful experience for your children. The tiny tots would be actively involved in music, dance, playing, creative work and more. Whilst, your children would be encouraged to explore around and learn from every activity. Our programme is designed to develop good organizational habits, encourage independence and enhance self-confidence.

The monthly themes are designed to develop cognitive, social and motor skills, language and self-esteem of yur children. Besides, the kids would be stimulated to observe, discover, grow and learn in their self-paced style.


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